CCTV Chimney Inspections

When you have a problem with your chimney it can be challenging to identify exactly what’s going on.

Using the latest industry equipment we give you high quality footage of your chimney to diagnose problems and suggest solutions. Carrying out a CCTV survey is the cleanest, quickest and most effective way to identify issues.

The benefits of a CCTV Survey:

Provides high quality footage of your entire flue
A compact camera causes no damage
The survey is a very quick way of identifying problems
The survey provides data needed to give you the best advice
It helps ascertain whether or not your flue should be used

Why do I need a CCTV Survey?

  • If your flue is functioning poorly
  • If your flue fails an integrity test
  • If you’ve had a chimney fire, which can cause flue damage and is potentially dangerous. A survey will identify the severity of the damage and establish whether it is safe to use
  • If you’re buying or have recently bought a new home. A survey will identify whether or not your flue is safe. If not, it will help you evaluate the extent of any work
  • Post-repair CCTV surveys ensure that work has been carried out properly and that issues are resolved
  • If you have a blockage that can’t be removed by sweeping
  • If you want to line your chimney a CCTV survey and Flue Integrity Test will give you data you need to ascertain whether one is needed
  • If you’re reinstating an old flue
  • If you’re renting out your property and want to reassure tenants that the flue is safe
  • If you’re planning building work or a loft conversion, a survey will alert you to potential problems
  • If you’re surveying a property

Easily identifies problems in a chimney or flue
Check if your flue or chimney is safe to use
Clean and quick
A great way for landlords to reassure tenants